Top 10 Parker Blogs of 2020

Top 10 Parker Blogs of 2020

Top 10 Blogs of 2020 -  Graphic Image - 2020While 2020 is notable for many events, for most of us, it was an unprecedented period of change. Change in how (and where) we work, conduct our daily activities, interact with colleagues, family, friends, and others. For companies, it involved pivoting to change how we do business while adapting to virtual and digital resources. For Parker, 2020 brought out our passion, commitment, and purpose established in growth, change, and positive impact–engineering breakthroughs that lead to a better tomorrow.

As we close the door on 2020, let us look back on the year and review how our teams shared thought leadership, knowledge, diversity, and innovation by delivering technology advancements rooted in reliability, efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Read on for our top 10 most-read blogs of 2020.

Parker Aerospace & American Magic on Course to Compete for the 36th America’s Cup

The America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sports and the highest prize in sailing. Although it has a colorful history dating to 1851, America’s Cup wind-powered racing yachts certainly aren’t old school: the boats use advanced light-weight materials, the latest in nautical design, and aerospace control technology to skim across the ocean’s surface at speeds approaching 50 knots. That’s 55-plus miles-per-hour for landlubbers and the ultimate challenge for the 11-sailor crews…

Find Replacement Parts Fast Using Cross Reference & Competitor Interchange

Are you looking for an obsolete or current Parker or competitor part? By using our recently launched web-based Cross Reference and Interchange application, we deliver! The tool is built on direct feedback from customers and distributors to provide a quicker, easier way to access competitive cross-reference information and parts. The resulting tool aggregates all of Parker’s cross reference and interchange tools into one user-friendly interface. This post will detail how to use the tool step by…

Metric Ports: Which Fitting Goes With Which Metric Port?

Choosing a port and a matching metric stud fitting can be confusing. While there are two popular types of metric parallel threaded ports, there are many different sealing methods for the mating male threaded connections. This post should clear up the confusion by explaining the differences in these connections, as well as some of the common misconceptions. 

The two popular metric ports are ISO 6149-1 and DIN 3852-1. DIN-3852-1 is the same as ISO…

HVACR Tech Tip: Understanding 3-Way Heat Reclaim Valves

In a basic vapor-compression refrigeration cycle there are 4 primary components that we need to consider. 

  1. Compressor: Compresses low pressure temperature vapor to a high pressure temperature vapor.
  2. Condenser: Vapor rejects heat to ambient (air, water, etc.). Vapor condenses to liquid. Pressure constant if no glide.
  3. Metering Device: Device has a small orifice, high pressure drop. Liquid changes from 100% liquid to saturated liquid vapor mix with an associated drop in pressure at relatively…

Central Tire Inflation System for Off-highway Vehicles

Parker's Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) offers improved mobility when operating vehicles in severe off-road or soft soil conditions. Ideally suited for the agriculture and military markets, this automatic tire pressure adjustment system allows the driver to optimize tire inflation pressure from the cab while operating on varying terrains with the simple push of a button. Reducing tire pressure results in a bigger tire footprint, providing increased flotation and traction when operating in…

Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing

Today, the demand for life-saving ventilators is challenging medical equipment manufacturers’ production capacity and supply chains around the world to perform at levels well beyond anyone’s forecasting and planning.  

OEMs must make swift and effective decisions to procure systems and components as quickly as possible and to partner with suppliers ready to meet their demanding production schedules to help save lives. To meet these unprecedented challenges, ventilator manufacturers…

Six Points to Consider When Applying ISO8573-1 in a Manufacturing Facility

ISO (International Standards Organization) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. There are three ISO standards that relate to compressed air quality and testing — ISO8573 Series, ISO12500 Series, and ISO7183 Series. The most commonly used standard is the ISO8573 Series, in particular, ISO8573-1:2010.

ISO8573 is the group of international standards relating to the quality (or purity) of compressed air. There are nine parts to the standard….

5 Reasons to Choose this Axial Piston Pump for your Next Mobile Application – Infographic

The next generation mobile hydraulic pump is designed for mobile and built to perform.  

The  P1M Series Mobile Open Circuit Medium Pressure Axial Piston Pump, increases equipment’s performance and delivers unrivaled…

Cultivating the Professional Success of Women at Parker

Research over recent decades shows diversity and inclusion are competitive differentiators, beneficial to businesses over time. A 2018 diversity study from McKinsey & Company highlights that,

“…The companies in the top quartile of gender diversity were 15 percent more likely to have financial returns that were above their national industry median. Companies in the top quartile of racial/ethnic diversity were 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median.”…

Hydraulic Pump and Motor Combination Packs Power on Rayco Stump Cutter

Following new, more stringent Tier IV diesel engine emissions regulations, Rayco, an environmental equipment designer for the tree care and landscape industries, took the opportunity to develop a more efficient, powerful and compact stump cutter, the RG165T-R. In comparison to previous designs that utilized diesel engines, Rayco’s new stump cutter is centered around a powerful 165 HP gasoline engine.

As a result of the new gasoline design, the equipment’s envelope size was reduced…


Leading with purpose

After more than a century of experience serving our customers, Parker is often called to the table for the collaborations that help to solve the most complex engineering challenges. We help them bring their ideas to light. We are a trusted partner, working alongside our customers to enable technology breakthroughs that change the world for the better


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