• Parker Oil Seals
  • JM Clipper Oil Seal
  • Chicago Rawhide
  • National / Timken

Rotary Seals

Rotary seals, including shaft seals, are designed to retain lubricants and prevent contamination in applications using rotating or oscillating parts. Some specialty rotary seals also act as scrapers, in helical-motion applications, or they may use spring-loaded lips to keep two different fluids separate. More common applications are radial oil seals and rotary shaft and bore seals, and axial and radial lip seals.

They’re used in everything from automobiles to submarines, drill rigs to plant machinery. Whether you’re sealing a high-speed crankshaft indoors, or a reciprocating low-speed shaft in the mud, the right rotary seal will extend the life of your components with low friction, superior resistance to wear, and, of course, a reliable seal in your specific environment.

Superior Selection

In order to offer our customers the best selection of forms, materials, and options, Performance Seals offers the full line of rotary seals from these leading manufacturers:

  • Parker Oil Seals
  • JM Clipper Oil Seals
  • Chicago Rawhide
  • National/Timken
Expert Advice

Choosing the right seal for your application can be quite complicated. There are hundreds of combinations of profiles, materials, options and sizes, and choosing the wrong one can be a costly error. If you need advice on which sealing solution will work best for you, the experts at Performance Seals are ready to help.