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Backup O-Rings

Backup O-rings ensure that the primary O-ring continues to provide the proper seal between opposing parts even under pressure. When first installed, O-rings are specked to fit perfectly, but when continually exposed to pressure and high temperatures, they lose material, weaken, and extrude beyond the groove in which they rest. Ultimately, they may fail to provide the desired seal.

One way that engineers combat O-ring failure is by using backup rings made of exclusion resistant material that prevent material from being forced beyond the groove with continuous pressure. Using a backup O-ring prevents any gap between the parts.

Parbak Backup O-Rings From Parker

Parker offers the Parbak line of O-rings, which are often used in pairs, one on each side of the O-ring.

They are:

  • Easily stretched into place
  • Continues to provide uniform contact with all surfaces subject to pressure, which eliminates wear spots
  • Quick and easy to assemble to minimize assembly costs
  • Designed to fit securely in the O-ring groove
  • Capable of trapping lubricants to reduce friction and preserve the O-ring
  • Available in standard or custom sizes