• Spliced
  • Vulcanized

Engineered Seals

Parker engineered seals are designed to provide optimal sealing, even in the most extreme conditions. These specialized seals come in a wide variety of specialized form factors to meet challenges like high heat and pressure, or withstanding low or lost suction without failing or deforming. They are made with materials that are engineered to stand up to abrasion and caustic chemicals, and to give the best seal for the specific mating surfaces of your application. Some examples of the options available in engineered seals:

Splicing: Splicing allows for the fabrication of seals shapes that are too complex for simple molding.

Vulcanizing: Vulcanizing is a process that allows spliced seams to be joined with the same compound that the seal is made of, to provide superior strength and consistent performance.

Extrusion: Extruded seals come in a huge assortment of shapes for many different applications, and can be sold as a single seal or as a bulk length of material for custom application.

Thermoplastic: Thermoplastic material is flexible and slip resistant. It offers thinner wall sections than thermoset rubber, and can be compounded with other material to offer anti-conductive or anti-static properties, flame retardant, or custom color.

Other Elastomers: Aside from rubber and thermoplastic, thereare many other, more specialized elastomers to handle more specific demands. Commonly used materials include nitrile, which has excellent resistance to solvents, oil, and fuel; EPDM, which is often used in refrigeration or environmental control applications; Neoprene, which is commonly used in aquatic environments and electronics; silicone, often used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications; and fluoroelastomers, which are often used in aerospace and automotive fuel and hydraulic systems.

The Right Seal For Every Application

Performance Seals is an authorized Parker Seals distributor, and has a track record of more than 30 years helping customers find exactly the sealing solutions their applications demand. We can help you select the right seals for your need, and if the right seal isn’t in production, we’ll work with you on a custom order.