Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing

Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing

Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - ventilator - Parker Hannifin Today, the demand for life-saving ventilators is challenging medical equipment manufacturers’ production capacity and supply chains around the world to perform at levels well beyond anyone’s forecasting and planning.  

OEMs must make swift and effective decisions to procure systems and components as quickly as possible and to partner with suppliers ready to meet their demanding production schedules to help save lives. To meet these unprecedented challenges, ventilator manufacturers need:

  • Emergency engineering and manufacturing support
  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Expedited deliveries of components to meet production demands

Partnering with a supplier experienced in the medical industry and related, regulated markets who can meet demanding production requirements will help OEMs expedite the production and supply of life-saving equipment.  


Throughout our 103-year history, Parker has been called upon in times of global hardship and adversity. Our leadership and perseverance in these defining moments demonstrates how we live our purpose: Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow.

— Tom Williams, CEO Parker Hannifin


With 30+ years of medical industry experience, and more than 100 years of engineering leadership and global infrastructure, Parker has the resources to provide customers with emergency ventilator manufacturing support. Parker is producing critical components and prioritizing medical device OEM orders. 

If you need emergency ventilator manufacturing support, Parker is expanding production on critical components and systems to meet urgent demand. Please contact us.

Technologies for ventilators

Parker offers a broad range of products used in ventilators and other medical devices. In addition to having the application expertise to draw from, Parker’s interconnected product groups allow for an efficient selection of technologies. This will help manufacturers from navigating the supply chain on their own, in search of urgent solutions. Parker’s extensive portfolio of technologies for ventilators include:


Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - Disposable Filter Units - ParkerDisposable filter units – offer all of the advantages of microfiber filter elements for high-efficiency removal of particulates from gases combined with the convenience of complete disposability. 




Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - Fittings and Couplings - Parker

Fittings and couplings – provide reliable, proven, leak-free connections. 





Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - Polyethylene tubing - Parker

Polyethylene tubing – made from resins that provide increased dimensional stability, uniformity and long-term strength. Laboratory grade options are available with FDA, NSF-51 and NSF-61 compliance.




Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - EMI Shielding - ParkerElectromagnetic interface (EMI) shielding – this broad product family includes EMI gaskets, shielded windows, shielded honeycomb air vents, cable shielding products, grounding solutions, shielding laminates and metal foil tapes as well as conductive adhesives, coatings, sealants and conductive plastics. 




Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - O-rings - ParkerO-rings – Parker O-rings are manufactured according to metric and imperial international standards such as AS 568B, DIN ISO 3601 and JIS. Custom sizes of almost any dimension are possible, such as miniature O-rings, special O-rings with large dimensions and continuously molded and spliced cord.




Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - Solenoid Valve - ParkerSolenoid valves – Parker’s 3-Way Universal G 1/4" Solenoid Valves provide operating pressures up to 30 bar and flow factors up to 0.54 m3/h. They offer multiple body and sealing materials for all general-purpose fluid control applications.




Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - Compressed Air Pressure Regulator - ParkerCompressed air pressure regulators – includes smart high-pressure, medium-to-large flow, and non-cycling compressed air refrigeration dryers; desiccant dryers, heatless desiccant dryers, inline desiccant dryers, and regenerative desiccant dryers; and electronic proportional regulators, as well as accessories such as blowguns, CO2 and programmable air regulating valves.




Critical Systems and Components for Ventilator Manufacturing - Silicon Medical Device Assemblies - ParkerSilicon medical device assemblies – Parker manufactures various single-use and short-term implantable silicone medical devices for OEMs. Our engineering and quality assurance team's work in close conjunction with OEM medical device engineers to optimize manufacturability, quality, cost-effectiveness and overall product-to-market timeline of newly designed components and devices. 

Engineering expertise

The development and production of medical devices requires a strategic partner who not only provides quality and reliability but understands the long-term nature of supplying components and sub-systems in a regulated market. Parker’s globally networked engineering experts can quickly and efficiently provide vital assistance in the final selection and design of technologies that can be employed ventilators. This resource will provide needed relief to manufacturer engineering teams. 

Global infrastructure

Parker has an established network of technical experts, distribution channels and manufacturing around the world. Its network of dedicated teams leverage the long history of collaboration and operational excellence in their service to the medical equipment community by deploying their assets to help meet the needs related to this pandemic. A proven partner with vast resources and expertise is the right selection when failure is not an option.  

Parker stands ready to help in the production of ventilators. If you need emergency ventilator manufacturing support, please contact us

This blog was contributed by the Parker Global Life Science Team.

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